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Annie Glass

Annie Glass
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Ruffle Pedestal Cake Plate


Annieglass classic favorite for cakes, tarts and appetizers! The Ruffle Pedestal Cake Plate features a 14 1/4" plate topped on a pedestal stand for a total of 5" of truly stunning height. Handcrafted in California, this clear glass and hand-painted platin

19.5 Centerpiece Plate


Dew Drop Collection

Rectangular Tray


Celebrating Annieglass versatility and design, this Indigo Small Rectangular Tray is a multifunctional serving platter for every casual and formal gathering. Add flair to modern home décor by using this tray as a unique centerpiece. The Indigo Tray makes

Ruffle Petit Four Stand


A mini-version of the classic favorite Ruffle Pedestal Cake Plate, the Annieglass Ruffle Petit Four Stand sets a stunning dessert spread when served with small cookies and chocolate covered strawberries. Don't let desserts be your limit with this versatil



Inspired by the exploration of the Monterey Bay tide pools, the uniquenessof the Annieglass Hydro piece makes a bold statement that belongs in any decor’.

Wine Coaster


Wine Coaster, or Candle Holder.

Deviled Egg Platter


The Annieglass Roman Antique Deviled Egg Platter offers a sophisticated way to serve deviled eggs on any occasion.

Edgey Cupcake Stand


The Annieglass Edgey Cupcake Stand makes sweets a bit more daring. The 9 1/2 “ diameteris perfect for cupcakes, bon bons and chocolate dipped stawberries, with the 2 1/4” height elevates dessert to a whole new level. Hand wash only.

Gold Ruffle Bowl


The tiny shallow bowl was inspired by a ballet tutu and is just as cute. Use as an individual dish for appetizers, dessert or paired with luxury dinnerware. The ruffle bowl is a darling gift.

Oblong Pastry Tray


The Oblong Pastry Tray fits biscotti perfectly when friends come over for coffee, or set out on the buffet server in your dining room it acts as a gorgeous ceterpiece.

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