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Baccarat PAPILLON LUCKY BUTTERFLY Decorative crystal animal (Red Mirror)


This crystal butterfly good luck charm features dainty wings and a pared-down design. A Baccarat bestseller, this piece makes a delightful complement to any décor. The poetic contours highlight Baccarat’s signature craftsmanship. Placed anywhere in the ho

Baccarat CŒUR CUPID HEART Clear crystal heart by Thomas Bastide


Whatever the occasion—be it Valentine’s Day, a special anniversary, a memorable occasion, or an impromptu thoughtful gesture, it is the perfect gift to symbolize your affection for your beloved. The Baccarat heart is crafted from the finest crystal, its c

Baccarat OENOLOGIE DECANTER Clear crystal decanter for young wine


Decanting a young wine allows its aromas to develop and be savored later: airing it out releases its full flavor. Decanting may also be a fitting option for older wine that has yet to reach complete maturity. The Baccarat Clear crystal Œnologie Decanter i

Baccarat Small Zodia Rooster


Small Zodia Rooster

Baccarat Harmonie Tumbler 16oz


Consecutive parallel cuts travel cleanly along the Clear crystal grazing the tumbler from its lip all the way down to its thick base. These lines emphasize the verticality of the tumbler as you sip your quality spirits and mixed drinks. The vertical sweep

Baccarat Havana Ashtray


Perfectly suited for an office or home, the repetition of crystal grooves in this handsome object also features a double space to rest your favorite Cohiba or Montecristo. A bold and modern design inspired from Baccarat's archives, the Havana ashtray can

Baccarat Harmonie Ice Bucket


Harmonie Ice Bucket

Baccarat MILLE NUITS BOWL Colored crystal by Mathias


This majestic fruit bowl, elevated upon a thick beveled stem, is raised like an offering. A special diamond-cut piece of crystal, the signature of the Mille Nuits bar and tableware collection that was designed for Baccarat by Mathias, is poised just below

Baccarat Bubble Box Champagne Set


Champagne, Royal Mojito or Bellini, amaze your guests and give your parties a real buzz all night long. The ideal gift to add a little sparkle to life.

Baccarat Harcourt 1841 Glass Blue


The Harcourt 1841 collection has also been a staple of French power, selected since the age of Napoleon III to its contemporary use in the Palais de l’Élysée. The Harcourt 1841 glass is characterized by its architectural form: a stunning shape from the fl

Baccarat Harcourt Eve Flutes Blue


A true Baccarat icon, and fruit of an unrivalled expertise, the Harcourt collection has travelled all around the world, proudly sporting its sculptural lines, instantly recognized by all. For 170 years, it has been a guest at the most prestigious tables,

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