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Animals & Figurines

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Baccarat Baccarat Cherub Holding Heart


World-renowned craftsmen and glassmakers have exquisitely crafted this Cherub Holding Heart to glowing perfection in the sparkling clarity of hand-blown Baccarat crystal. Height: 4 1/2" Height. 4 1/8" inches.

Baccarat Small Zodia Rooster


Small Zodia Rooster

Baccarat The panther is a solitary and steadfast hunter. Known for its effortless adaptability and acute senses, the wild animal stalks its prey with great agility.


Designed for Baccarat by Rosetta, the panther’s nimble, feline movement is embodied in all its splendor. The slanted silhouette imbues the panther with a lean, hypnotic grace. The prowling figurine and graphic black resin base are not glued together; rath

Baccarat Horse's Head Small


Baccarat emulates the horse with life-like execution, highlighting those revered attributes. From its rippling mane to its rounded muzzle, from its kind eyes to its pointy equine ears, this Clear crystal profile has great finesse. It reveals that Baccarat